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Carretera Lazaro Cardenas - Colima. km 45

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Our Project

We started this adventure in 2016 with the intention of creating a space where people can come to enjoy nature and disconnect for a few days from the urban routine. We seek that people reconnect with nature, being in a relatively virgin place; walking on paths full of different tree species, appreciating the multiple colors from sunrise to sunset, listening to the various sounds that the place offers and especially feeling part of it without harming it.

The idea of ​​our project has always been to be as respectful of the environment; that is why we try to use alternative and ecological solutions that can offer a pleasant stay without affecting the environment. We are constantly looking for new ways to work with the place and the land in some way that is reciprocal.

We want to invite you to this beautiful place with an open mind to a different experience, to live with the environment in all its forms.

The place

The place is within a natural area, so you have to come with the intention of walking and enjoying each step. It should be remembered that being in the middle of a partially virgin space leads to sacrifice a little comfort to which we are accustomed in a hotel, for the adventure and incredible landscapes full of nature.

In the place you will find flora and fauna native to the region, walking trails, a estuary were you can use the kayaks and crossing the estuary you will find a virgin beach to explore.

At the moment we have five cabins on a hill which gives incredible views of the landscape. Some cabins have a compost toilet and outdoor shower, while others have shared services of showers and composting toilets. The composting toilets purpose is not contaminating the aquifers that surround the place; with the idea of generating a  process to return to its cycle the nutrients that the plants of the place need, avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers.

The place is deal for those who seek tranquility in the midst of nature, escape from everyday life, enjoy different landscapes and love hiking through trails where you can appreciate various species of flora and fauna from the region.

In Maloca, our priority is to create the least impact in the natural area where we are located, which is why no entry is allowed with food and drinks.


Preserving a space of tranquility we limit the use of electronic speakers. If you like to bring a musical instrument, you are welcome.

To get to the place you enter by car through a gap surrounded by trees in which all types of cars enter. When you arrive at the parking lot you have to walk on a path for approximately 5-10 minutes, which we recommend to come light and with suitable footwear for hiking.

outdoor showers
composting toilets

“Bonito, limpio, un lugar de consciencia. La gente muy amable y el espacio es maravilloso..”

“Maravilloso lugar para olvidarte de la rutina en relajación total con la naturaleza, no se pueden perder la oportunidad de conocerlo....”

“Hermoso lugar! Hermoso conocer gente que cuida tanto las bellezas que nos estamos acabando. Súper bien planeado para que el diseño esté muy en armonía con la naturaleza. Comodidad al 100%. Y el mejor toque: el trato de todos los que hacen eso posible, te hacen sentir en casa inmediatamente. Gracias por todo! Tendremos que regresar pronto!.”