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About the place

What is the location of Proyecto Maloca?

We are located 40 minutes from Lázaro Cardenas, on the Michoacan coast. This is the location by google maps. The entrance to the maloca project is in the middle between the ¨popoyuta¨ town and the ¨la popoyuta¨ bridge.

How do I get to Proyecto Maloca?

The ideal is to reach the city of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán. If you come by private car, you take the road either by ¨La Mira¨ or by the beach boulevard that passes through Playa Azul. Both arrive at the deviation of the route that follows the highway of the Costa Michoacana. The place is 10 minutes from Las Peñas, or 5 minutes from El bejuco. We recommend using the application through google maps. * Approximate time of Lázaro Cárdenas - Maloca Project of 40 minutes * . Public transport: -By means of a van. It is called ¨El Michoacano¨ and it goes towards Caleta de Campos; You can take it one block from the Central de Autobuses de Lázaro Cárdenas (city center). It lasts about 1 hour and has a cost of $ 50 approx. It is important to tell the driver that your stop is at ¨proyecto maloca¨. Once at the access door, walk 20 minutes over the gap to reach the cabins. -By taxi. If you arrive at the Lázaro Cárdenas bus station, you can take a unit at the exit. The cost is $ 500 approx. Arriving at the parking lot of the place, you walk through the gap 7 minutes to get to the cabins. -By plane. We recommend taking flights to Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo Gro. (Since in Lázaro Cárdenas the dates of the flights already established change frequently). You can take a bus from ¨Estrella de Oro¨ or a taxi unit bound for Lázaro Cárdenas.

Is Proyecto Maloca my place to spend a weekend / vacation?

The place is ideal for people that is looking for outdoor activities and admire the nature by first hand. We recommend that if you are not a person who enjoys walking, the stay can be a bit heavy for you. The place implies an effort of movement to move to the cabins (on the hill), parking, beach, kitchen, ... Consideration must be given to younger children or older adults. Let's not forget that it is in the middle of a natural area, the paths inside the place are natural trails and the spaces are mostly outdoors.

Is recommended to bring children?

We recommend coming with children over 5 years old (who are already walking). They can come of all ages, but it is important to remember the conditions of the place: paths on the hill, outdoor spaces in the middle of nature and bodies of water.

Do you have restaurant service?

We open restaurant in high season: From December 15 to January 10 and at Easter. * The rest of the year (low season) the restaurant is disabled and we open the shared kitchen; guests must bring their food and beverages. In the kitchen you will find everything you need to prepare your food from utensils, plates, glasses, pans, pepper and salt * If you book in low season and you don't want to cook, we offer a menu with the typical local meals (breakfast, seafood and dinner). The cost is $ 500 pesos per person per day. If you are interested in knowing it, send us a message to send you the menu.

Is there a restaurant or grocery shop near the place?

Leaving by car from the access door of Proyecto Maloca on the road, on the right hand side you will arrive in 5 minutes at the town ¨El Bejuco¨ known for its seafood and oysters in season. Here you can find little restaurants by the beach and a local store where you can buy, fried foods, sodas, ice and beer. About the same direction, 5 minutes from El Bejuco you will arrive at ¨Las Peñas¨, you can also find a grocery store called ¨Don Luis¨ if you want to buy vegetables, fruit, eggs, ham, ​​and other cravings . Remember that to leave Proyecto Maloca you must walk through a trail for 5 minutes and the other 5 min in car to the naib road.

Can I bring my pet?

Sure, let us know if you come with her. the place we are accompanied by two cats: Petunia and Napoleon, and Bongo, our dog.

Do you have wifi or telephone signal?

We do not have a phone or wifi signal. To make calls or send messages (3G network), we show you a trail that you walk about 10 min inside the propety to reach a signal point on the hill.

What is the best season to visit Proyecto Maloca?

The beast season for weather and to swim in the beach is from November to the end of february.

Can you swim in the ocean of our place?

We are on the Pacific side, on a long beach with the open sea. We reccommend not to swim unless the ocean is calm. The ideal for swimming when the sea is calmer is from December- February. The advantage is that you can swim in the estuary or take a nice kayak ride at sunset.

About the cabins

How much does the cabin cost and what is its maximum number of people?

The costs of the cabins change between high and low season. Go to the cabins section and choose the one you like. The cost that appears is for two people, extra people are charged $150 pesos. (Maximum capacity 4 people). Each cabin features a king size bed, deck, compost bathroom, and outdoor shower. If you wish, you can put a camping house on the terrace for the two additional people for greater comfort.

Check-in / check out hours

Check in: 1:00 pm check out: 11:30 am

How can I make a reservation?

Contact us by mail or directly on Facebook as: Cabañas Proyecto Maloca. You send us the date and cabin that interests you; We give you the quote and you confirm your reservation with an advance of 50% total to the stay. Also you can find us in Airbnb, in our section of contact you can find the links. We reserve with a minimum of 3 days in advance (a matter of organization due to the signal) and with a maximum of 3 months in advance.

How does compost toilet work?

The use is the same as a water toilet the only difference is that it does not use water, instead when finishing the bathroom, sawdust is put on it to avoid bad odors and help the composting process. It consists of the mixture of nitrogen (poop and pee), covered by a layer of carbon (dry grass), in equal parts. Toilet paper, sanitary towels or tampons are also deposited. When the container of the bathroom of your cabin is ready to change, it is emptied in the chambers of the shared bathrooms where they are mixed and go through a process of at least 6 months for their correct processing of composting by aerobic fermentation, where in the end we obtain compost that we use to fertilize the plants that give a beautiful view of the place.

Quiero reservar las cabañas para un grupo de personas

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